Castleconnell Local Area Plan 2013-2019 EXTENDED

“On the 17th September 2018 Limerick City & County Council extended the duration of the Castleconnell Local Area Plan 2013 – 2019 for a further five years, until September 2023.”

So what is a Local Area Plan?

“The Castleconnell Local Area Plan (LAP) is a legal document consisting of a public statement of Limerick County Council’s planning policies for the village of Castleconnell. The aim of the LAP is to establish a framework for the planned, coordinated and sustainable development of the village of Castleconnell, including the conservation and enhancement of its natural and built environment over the next six years and beyond. The LAP provides guidance as to how this development can be achieved, what new developments are needed, where public and private resource inputs are required, and guidance for development proposed in the plan area. “

What area does it cover?

“The Castleconnell LAP covers approximately 2.69 square kilometres (269 hectares) in area and falls into the Castleconnell Electoral Division (ED’s).  It contains parts of the townlands of Lacka, Derreen, Cloon and Commons, Coolbane, Coolreiry, Stradbally North and South, Woodpark and Ruan.  It is located approximately 10km northeast of Limerick city.”

How does it affect you?

“All planning applications in the village of Castleconnell will be measured against the contents of this LAP and the current Limerick County Development Plan.

The Castleconnell LAP must be read in conjunction with the Limerick County Development Plan 2010 – 2016 and any variation thereof. Unless otherwise stated, the general development plan policies, objectives and development management standards still apply to the area.”

How do I find out more information?
To find out more information please simply download this PDF from Limerick City and County Council