Vodafone appeal planning refusal.

Existing Tower

Proposed Tower


Earlier in the year Vodafone submitted an application to replace the existing telecommunications mast in the centre of Castleconnell village. The proposal consisted of the removal of the existing 15m tower and for it to be replaced with a new 20m lattice tower together with antennae dishes bringing the overall height to 21.5m, which is over 5m higher than the existing tower.

“A huge concern is the radiation and electromagnetic fields emitted from these towers, and the health and well being of individuals and residents, both living and working in close proximity to this new proposed tower. There are residents, businesses, community services and most importantly a school and creches, as well as village sports facilities within 100m of this proposed tower.”

A number of individuals and groups from Castleconnell village submitted objections to such a mast being erected. Some of the objections referenced the heritage and historical nature of the village and that such an development would be a major eyesore in the village. Others sited health implications of the proposed tower and its juxtaposition to residential homes, creches and schools.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there were significant delays in the planning procedures however as a result it was not until 5th of June that the planning was refused. The reasons for refusal were notably the proximity of the proposed mast to the Architectural Conservation Area of Castleconnell and the visibility of said tower from protected structures such as the Train Station.

Other reasons stated that within the Guidelines for Planning Authorities issued by the Department of the Environment and Local Government in July 1996, that “only as a last resort should free standing masts be located within or in the immediate surrounds of smaller towns and villages”, and the proposed development would be visually obtrusive and out of character with the village centre of Castleconnell, therefore would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.”

On the 2nd of July Vodafone submitted an appeal to An Bord Pleanala (reference case 307490-20) – Any submissions or observations must be received within a 4 week period from receipt of appeal.

If anyone wishes to object to this application they can do so by forwarding their observations / submissions to An Bord Pleanala, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1 with €50 and making reference to 307490-20 and need to do so before the 30th July 2020.

Further information regarding the application can be found here on the Limerick.ie planning website. Click here.



Click here to visit the information on An Bord Pleanala’s website