All Saints Church of Ireland

The grounds of All Saints Church, Castleconnell hold an ancient and sacred history. The first known place of worship on this site was originally founded in the 6th Century. After being destroyed by Vikings a second place of worship was erected between 1400 and 1410, part of the walls of this old church can still be seen to the rear of the present building.
After the war of 1641 the old church was in such a ruinous state that it was replaced by a wooden structure on the present site. Furthermore it was rebuilt to the present building which was complete and in use by early 1800.
Prominent families associated with the church include Massy, Bourke, Fitzgibbon and Vandeleur.

Inside the church numerous plaques adorn the walls honouring the ultimate sacrifices made by many young men from this area who lost their lives in far off lands.

Many of the memorials tell in detail stories of those who died in many great battles all over the world.

Besides losing yourself in the stunning monuments take a moment to enjoy the magnificent craftsmanship of the limestone Pulpit, the stunning brass Eagle lectern, and the colourful stained glass windows all dedicated to the memory of loyal and much loved parishioners.