Active Social Group

ACM Castleconnell Active Social Group (ASG) provides a welcoming, friendly and supportive environment for people in our community. It has been operating very successfully since 2014. It has an ongoing agenda of activities: weekly walks, guided walks outside Castleconnell, day and overnight trips, talks by invited speakers on topics of interest or concern, Osteofitness and Tai Chi sessions, concert attendance and other social events. It complements the many other local clubs and societies in the ACM area.

ASG has the active support of the local healthcare providers and the parishes who often recommend people to become members. It is an important resource for the older and other members of the community and surrounding area.

To join ASG just come along to our 10am every Tuesday walk in the ACM Centre on Castle Street.

ASG is a volunteer organisation with 85 paid-up members. Our challenge now is to put in place an enjoyable programme for our members in 2023 with a focus on physical and mental wellness and social engagement. The reward is seeing people enjoying and benefitting from membership, meeting new people and making friends. Please come and join us.