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Sean Hartigan remembers

Meeting with Sean Hartigan to discuss his childhood, adolescence and adulthood, all lived in ...


Peatlands have played a very important role in shaping the history, culture and economy of Ireland

Memories of Bob Hogg

John Hogg had learned his trade as a skilled rod-maker from his father before him, the family ...

Memories of a Soldier

My name is Denis Geary. I was born in 1920 and reared in Charleville, Co. Cork. I turned 16 in ...

An Extraordinary Man

Picture if you can the river at Castleconnell, before the advent of the Shannon Scheme and ...

Then and Now

Castleconnell Then & Now

Castleconnell in my Early Years

In fact, I was just two months old when he started his conquest. Mind you, a lot of this was ...


The village of Castleconnell is a very famous place ‘Twas known as “little Paris” that’s surely ...