The Gathering

Our exiles are returning to dear old Erin’s shore,

They’re gathering in their thousands, as never seen before;

The love to hear our Irish brogue which they haven’t heard for years,

So this special get –together will be filled with joy and tears.

This gathering of Irish folk is unique in many ways,

Bringing souls together who have been through difficult days;

Many were just children when their parents had to go

To try and make a livelihood, so many years ago.

While here they’ll seek relations, they’ll seek them far and wide,

Those uncles, aunts and cousins too who never crossed the tide;

They’ll celebrate together, as only Irish do

And before they say their last farewells, they’ll have some mountain dew.

The music will echo o’er the land throughout the nights so long,

Accordians, fiddles and banjos too, bringing life to all the throngs;

Old songs will ring across the plains, those tales of long ago.

The nights, they wont be long enough before it’s time to go.

Yes, Ireland looks most beautiful when the sun shines at its best,

Our mountains and our valleys green where the wild birds build their nests;

The fisherman with his rod and line enjoys the freedom too,

In this wonderful dear land of ours God made for me and you.

So we raise our glasses one and all for our exiles coming here.