Very important date coming up next Monday 14-November – deadline for submitting observations on the Castleconnell Local Area Plan.

This is our village, our community, our lived-in heritage, our future – please take time to make a submission on your observations, issues, wishes, thoughts for our future local area plan. This is our time to make our mark on the future plans for Castleconnell. 

Are you happy with the local facilities? Do we have sufficient commercial / retail space – think about our Post Office? Your thoughts on the proposed community park?

Housing, transport, environment, local traffic plans, enforcement of the plan, conservation, youth services and recreation ………….. just a few of the topics that may be important to you and our community.

Please have a voice on this plan, please submit your thoughts and observations, and please pass this on to people around you who may not be aware.


Submissions/ observations may be made in respect of the Draft Castleconnell Local Area Plan and associated Environmental Reports from 1st October 2022 – 14th November 2022 inclusive.

Submissions/ observations may be made as follows:

Please make your submission by one medium only i.e. in hard copy, online or e-mail.

Any submissions or observation shall state your name and, where relevant, the body or organisation represented. Children or groups or associations representing the interests of children are entitled to make submissions or observations to the Draft Local Area Plan.