Reception at Castleconnell. Nov 5th 1906

The return of the Champion Fly Caster of the World from his visit to America where he recently gained new laurels was the occasion of a great outburst of rejoicement here on Thursday night last. The village for some time before the arrival of his train presented a very animated appearance. Decorations and bunting of different kinds were gaily displayed while on the approach of darkness all the windows were brilliantly illuminated. The grounds of his own home – The Shannon Hotel – presented a most enchanted aspect. The trees in the foreground seemed all ablaze with fairy lamps while, wafted by the gentle breeze the American Stars and Stripes and the Irish Green Flag gave a most effective finish to a most fascinating scene.

At different points village bonfires and tar barrels throwing up their red glare testified that the welcome shown to Mr. Enright was on a whole hearted scale. The Champion on arriving at the Station was met by an immense concourse of enthusiastic admirers. On alighting he was carried on the shoulders of some of his stalwart friends to a carriage outside amidst the cheers of the large crowd. A double line of torch bearers acted as an escort forming an impressive scene. On reaching his home the crowd numbered hundreds and there were repeated cheers for the “Champion” and “The Boss” as he is popularly called.

MR. Daniel O’Brien D.C. said that as a representative of the people he felt he expressed all their feelings in tendering their heartiest congratulations to their old friend Mr. John Enright on his great victory in securing the World Championship in the “Land of the Free”. Their presence there in such large numbers tonight as well as the artistic decorations and illuminations he saw around him were sufficient evidence of the warmth of welcome they offered “The Boss”. There was scarcely any necessity for him to go into details as to his late victories as they saw the reports on the American and local Press; but he wished to emphasise the fact that such victories not only brought credit to the Enright Firm and to their village but also to their common country.

Mr. Enright on rising was received with tremendous cheering and was much affected with such a display of kind appreciation and congratulations. He must be thankful he said and very thankful to his friends and neighbours for all the expense and trouble they had gone to in those marks of appreciation of his success. He thanked his friends Messrs. O’Brien and E. Hartigan and all the people of Castleconnell for such a fine welcome home. Among those at the gathering were Dr. Ryan, Dr. Lavertine, Messrs. James Neville, J. Ryan Mountshannon House, D. McMahon P.C. J.N. Wall, P. Conners, P. Doherty, T. Sheehan, D. Ahern, D. Daly, E. Murnane, A. Scanlan, J. Hogg, E. Coughlan, P. McNamara. All the friends were then invited by Mrs. K. Enright the popular proprietress of The Shannon Hotel to feasting and merriment that lasted until the wee hours of the morning the happy throng separating with the old refrain “He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.”